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Cards and payment


If you pay using a credit card, all your purchases will be shown on a monthly invoice. You can decide whether to pay the entire amount at once, or divide it into smaller payments. If you pay with a debit card, the money will be withdrawn from your account.

Our cards include several insurances and other services that can be of value, not only in Sweden but also abroad.
Log in and get a debit card
How to get a credit card (in Swedish)

Protect your card

  1. If you have lost your card, block it immediately by calling +46 (8)-411 10 11.

  2. Never store your card and code together.

  3. Never give out your card details or codes to anyone else.

  4. Remember that your card is valuable. It’s important that you keep it safe.


Our payment solutions make your everyday payments easy. Pay your bills and receive money to your account.

Solutions for your everyday payment needs

Pay a bill

Pay a bill quick and easy, one-off or regularly in our internet bank or the app.

International payments

Make and receive secure payments through our internet bank.

This is how Swish works

Swish is a service for sending and receiving money via your mobile device. Swish works for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and tablets that support a Mobile BankID. You are required to have a Mobile BankID to make payments with Swish.

How to get Swish:

  1. Order Swish in the internet bank or the app.
  2. Download Swish betalningar and BankID säkerhetsapp to your mobile device or tablet.

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