The IBAN calculator works for accounts in Swedbank and the Savings Banks. Always report the IBAN together with the bank’s BIC, which is SWEDSESS (for Swedbank and the Savings Banks).
Do as follows:

  • Enter the clearing and account number in sequence without spaces or punctuation marks - press Calculate 
  • If the clearing number starts with a 7, enter 11 digits, e.g. 71041234567.
  • If the clearing number starts with an 8, enter no more than 15 digits, e.g. 832791234567890.

How do I use IBAN and BIC/National ID?

When making a payment abroad:

In order to pay directly to an account, you must have the correct data about the recipient’s bank and account numbers, i.e.:

  • Name, address and country to which the payment is to be sent to
  • The payment recipient’s account number in the beneficiary bank (often termed IBAN)
  • The payment recipient’s BIC (Bank Identifier Code)/National ID

When receiving payment from abroad:

Always report your IBAN and BIC to your foreign payers; this will increase the possibility of receiving your money quickly and safely. Report IBAN in groups of four digits on invoices and similar documents, e.g. SE28 8000 0832 7900 0001 2345. The Swedbank and Savings Banks BIC is SWEDSESS.